10 Practical Tips to Help You Prepare and Get Fit for Your Wedding Day


Few occasions can motivate a woman more to get fit than her wedding day. It isn’t all about losing weight, but also about preparing the mind, body and soul for the planning and execution of the perfect big day. Most women will feel like they need to tone up a bit and look fabulous in the wedding dress, which will generally be the most expensive dress they ever buy- and the one that they will wear only once, but they will also need to survive the experience and come out sparkling. Fitness is not all about maintaining appearances. Nanning a wedding requires a sharpness of mind; clarity for making decisions- and lots of them- and it requires staying power, determination and a certain prowess for clearing your mind, and your life, of those who are placed in your way to thwart your best choices. These people are often those you love most in the world, and the knowledge that your choices and decisions may be scorned is hard to bear unless you are switched on, fit and ready to fight your corner.


As you embark on your ‘get fit and ready for your wedding day journey, here are a few tips to get you started -and motivated.

Practice Yoga or meditation in some form. Clearing the mind during stressful planning sessions can be not only useful but also empowering for the Bride-to-be.

Yoga or meditation can help to relieve stress through controlled breathing techniques, and can also help to improve your posture, which can lead to tightening of muscles in all the right places.

Weight loss and fit that wedding dress

Give yourself some easy goals for weight loss The average weight loss most women can realistically expect is around 2lbs per week. Worrying about losing any more can just remit in a feeling of inadequacy, which is simply no good for the soul.


Have a selection of herbal teas on hand.


Herbal tea can be a soothing, calming solution for stress, and is much better for the body than caffeine-loaded tea or coffee.


Tea and coffee can also lead to staining of the teeth, and this is not good for wedding day beautification.


Consider joining a group, either real or virtual, to get advice about exercise.

Find out what the latest trends are, whether there are new methods to try, and most importantly, to learn what is most appropriate for you, your age group or your ability. If you are prepared to splash out a little, get a personal training session underway to point you in the right direction.


Keep your irregular. by replacing white bread with wholemeal or high-fibre alternatives. Being constipated can lead to lethargy and bloating, neither of which are going to be doing you any favours on wedding-dress-trOng-on-day or on days where you need clarity in your decision-making. Make sure you maintain this part of your diet if nothing else.

Careful where you put those hands!

Look after your hands. Your hands are going to be on display on your wedding day and in the photographs that you will keep, show to your grandchildren and look at forever. During the months and weeks leading up to the wedding make sure you use hand creams regularly and avoid strong cleaning products that will destroy your skin and nails. Wear gloves when working in the garden and pay dose attention to your nails in the last few weeks. Don’t forget about sunscreen. Everyone loves a tan, but be careful not to give yourself tan lines in all the wrong places. Bear in mind the style of your dress and take care not to present unsightly white lines or red-raw skin to the wedding guests or the photographer. Be careful not to get sick. This sounds like an odd tip, but it is easy to catch a germ or two when you are stressed out. If a friend wants to come and wish you well before the wedding, but her kid has a cold picked up from playgroup, then politely decline and tell her the truth as to your reasoning.


If no one gets that, then tough. You will be berating yourself if you are drowning in Night Nurse the night before your wedding, and feel rubbish during the ceremony.

Getting help: Consider hiring a wedding planner

Draw up a list of helpers for the wedding day, e.g. family members that can help you out with tasks such as your mother, sister etc.. During the wedding day itself, you will need a few rock-solid allies to keep you on track, and to deal with the niggles that inevitably arise to test your patience. With a pre-determined list of the most trusted people you know to be reliable, you can relax on the day and focus on your priorities.

However, if you want a seamless experience and ensure that you everything runs as smoothly as it can, then hiring a wedding planner is a great choice.

This takes me to my next idea..

Hold a destinations weddings: Whitsundays or Bali maybe?

If you would like to go somewhere exotic (or just go on a cheeky getaway), then consider holding a destination wedding.

Whitsunday weddings are a popular choice if you would like to stay close to home but still be somewhere with a beach and an epic view.

On the other hand, if you fancy somewhere further away that requires a plane ride, Bali might be a great choice too!

Keep that alcohol in the pantry

Don’t get too drunk immediately before or during the wedding day. In these times of social media exposure, your wedding photos will undoubtedly be online before you have even had time to call yourselves Mr and Mrs Make sure those images, that will reside in the etheric internet forever, portray a beautiful day of fun and love, not red-faced sweating and unflattering, lashed poses.


The final tip is not one that is concemed with overdoing the alcohol, whether you have the right people in place, or whether you are constipated. It is purely about love, and realising what you and your husband have achieved together. The day will fly by in a blur, and you will watch it at some point and realise that you, through careful, thoughtful planning, have created this occasion. Take those few minutes with your new spouse and enjoy it together – be Mr. and Mrs. – and then live happily ever after.