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Wedding Dresses: The 4 Classic Modest Styles You Must Know About

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There is an object that carries the most weight on your wedding day, and it’s not the diamond ring.

Your dress, or for some, ‘wedding dresses’, is the very most important piece of your day. With this in mind, you need to get it right.

If you’re sitting there thinking that ‘it’s just a dress’, well you’re right, but you’re equally wrong.
It’s not just a dress, it is THE dress you will be photographed in, the dress you will look at yourself in for the rest of your life.

Forget those photos of your 18th, 21st, or even your Europe trip photos, your wedding day is incredibly important. This dress means something special to you, your family, and your partner – so yes, the dress is a big deal, and as a result it is a big decision.

For some, their perfect dress may be solidified in their mind, an image that has been fixed on their mind since a young girl, and if this is you, nothing is going to alter your mind.

However, for a lot of ladies out there, finding the right dress is a tough task that could take weeks and even months of searching, planning, and production. Whether you decide to buy your dress off the shelf, get it designed and tailed, or buy it second-hand, at the end of the day, you will be deciding on a specific design or style. This design and style will encapsulate the era, your personality, or the overall meaning of the occasion for you.

For some brides, putting fashion first is a must, but there are benefits of sticking to traditional or conservative styles.

The Top 4 Modest and Conservative Wedding Dress Styles

a line 1 wedding dressThe A Line

Named “A Line” since its silhouette creates a capital A, this classic wedding dress style is usually fitted around the bust and hips before gradually flaring out. It flatters almost all body types as it creates the illusion of a smaller waist and it effectively hides other problem spots such as the tummy or thighs. If you’re keen on having an A-line wedding dress, it should start to flare out from a point above the body part you’re conscious of.


ball gown 3 wedding dressesThe Ball Gown

This wedding dress design is the most formal and traditional of them all. The ball gown silhouette features a full skirt made up of layered tiers and a tight bodice, giving you a fairy tale princess feel on your Big Day. Delicate embroidery and intricate beading will turn this dress into a work of art.

The ball gown wedding dress accentuates the waist and beautifully hides a heavy bottom. Keep in mind, though, that the shape might overwhelm a petite bride. It’s also not ideal for ladies with a full chest; the skirt’s volume will make the bride look big all over.

Mermaid 1 wedding dressesThe Mermaid

This wedding dress silhouette hugs the body from the chest until the knees, then flares out to the hem. A very versatile design, you could show off a modest amount of skin and go for a strapless design, or be more sophisticated and go for a high neckline and long sleeves. It can also be worn by tall or petite brides. Voluptuous brides who want to flaunt their curves will look great in this dress.



sheath 2 wedding dressesThe Sheath

Also known as the column, the sheath wedding dress style is long, narrow, and slim-fitting. This dress can look vintage, sleek, or formal depending on how it’s accessorised and styled. It’s great for petite brides as it lengthens the body. And if you’re planning a destination wedding, a sheath dress is the easiest to pack.

Whatever the wedding dress style you choose, make sure you have the right innerwear to go along with it to prevent unflattering lines and bulges in awkward places.

More importantly, remember that the right wedding dress style is the one you feel most confident and beautiful in, no matter what people say. If it feels and fits right, wear it!

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