How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photographer


Memories of your wedding will last forever, but having a photographic record of the day ensures you can recall every detail. Most guests will take shots on their smartphones or digital camera, but hiring a professional wedding photographer means you can be confident that every aspect of the occasion will be recorded. Relying on a friend or member of the family to shoot your wedding pictures often leads to disappointment. It’s worth taking some time to make sure you choose the right professional photographer. Personal recommendations are good, so ask friends who have recently got married. Modern wedding photographers often have their own unique styles, so look at lots of examples of their work to make sure you like their approach. Ask to see an album or portfolio of a complete wedding rather than basing your decision on a select number of the photographer’s best shots.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding photographer, the following tips will help to ensure you get the absolute best from them.

  1. ) Have a meeting before the day. Most professional photographers offer a free consultation meeting before your wedding day. This is your opportunity to discuss the type and style of shots you want. Prepare a list of questions in advance, and make sure the details of the day are clear. Explain who the key guests and members of your family are so the photographer can take plenty of shots of them. You’ll spend a lot of time in the company of your photographer on the day, so make sure you are at ease with him.


2) Make a list of the important shots. A photographer will have lots of ideas for shots of your wedding, and you should trust his creative flair. Most will shoot a mix of formal portraits and reportage-style pictures. Make a list of any specific shots you would like on the day and give it to the photographer in advance. For example, there may be specific family groups you’d like captured.


3) Practise posing and smiling. Practising your smile in front of a mirror may sound odd, but it means you can be sure to look your best in your wedding pictures Forcing a smile can look unnatural, so try to relax and find an expression you’re comfortable with. Practising how you stand is also a good idea. Resting your weight on your rear foot looks effective in pictures. A professional photographer will direct you on how to pose, but you can help by preparing before the day.  


4) Trust your photographer. A creative wedding photographer may want to try some original pictures and ask you to pose in ways you find unusual. Trust him to do his job, and you may be surmised to find these are the shots you love. If you’ve chosen a photographer for his unique style, allow him to use his creative flair.


5) Allow some breathing room in your schedule. Weddings rarely go exactly to plan. Weather, traffic conditions and other factors can cause delays To ensure your photographer can get the best results on the day, allow some extra time in the itinerary in case of the unexpected. As well as recording the events of the day as they happen, most photographers will want specific time for portraits of guests and the bride and groom. Long after the cake has been eaten and the confetti has blown away, your wedding photographs will serve as a valuable reminder of the day. Take time to choose the right photographer, and follow the aforementioned tips to get the best from him.